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Upgrade Your QSI Equipped Broadway Ltd, Atlas Gold, or Proto 2000 Loco

This impressive performance upgrade you have heard about adds many new features to your QSI equipped (DC) analog and DCC locomotives. Available soon!

It’s easy to order ... all you have to do is reserve the Upgrade (ROM) Chip from any one of the Dealers shown at right, perform the simple installation or have us do it for you!

We are offering the performance upgrade at an introductory price of just $29.95!

All QSI equipped locos have a similar circuit module with the easy to remove ROM chip mounted in the socket as shown.

The QSI upgrade has great enhancements for both DC (Analog) and DCC users alike!

Analog users can now have independent control of most the different sounds by using the Quantum Engineer, also available from the Dealers listed here. An amazing 45 performance enhancements have been added since QSI’s introduction in the Broadway Limited Hudson in 2002. When you upgrade with a new Quantum chip, you will receive all of these new improvements including some features not currently available in production locomotives. Here are some but not all of the features.

New Features Common to (DC) Analog and DCC

• Downloadable sounds and software enabled for sound and code improvements
• To be installed in locomotive without removing the memory chip. Using Quantum Programmer soon to be available from the Dealers listed here
• Back EMF Load Compensated Speed Control. Gives super smooth low speed and control.
• Added Individual sound volume settings including 1) Horn, 2) Bell, 3) Motor and 9 more.
• Sound of Power™ simulates increased/decreased power demands under acceleration/braking
• Functional Air Brakes to slow train with added brake squeal and air-line let off sounds.
• Play Horn or Whistle with alternate endings. Available only with some sound sets.

New Features in (DC) Analog

• Regulated Throttle Control with real inertia effects. There have been many improvements in Regulated Throttle Control since its introduction.
• Separate sound records for Horn hoots and Whistle hoots.
• Load settings allowing up to 15 levels of inertia.
• Special Heavy Load option allows near constant momentum of trains up and down grades. Selection of helper type locomotives including Normal, Lead, Mid, End and Pusher type helpers.
• Direction setting for improved lighting control of locomotives in consists.
• New accurate way to set V-Start.
• QARC™ Technology added. Quantum locomotives not equipped with new QSI QARC™ (Quantum Analog Remote Control) Technology can now be upgraded to operate with the Quantum Engineer.
• QARC uses special remote control signals to operate different Quantum features without the need for special digital systems like DCC. Add the simple QARC controller, called Quantum Engineer to your existing Analog Power Pack. With Quantum Engineer, you can operate 14 new sound features at the push of a button.

Features in NMRA Digital Command Control (DCC)

• Regulated Throttle Control included for the first time in Quantum DCC.
• Engine direction can now be changed rapidly allowing more reliable uncoupling operation
• Added CVs: CV 5 V-High,CV 51 Mute Volume, CV 55.110.5 Ditch Light Strobe Hold Time, CV 56.0 Packet Time Out Shutdown, CV 56.12 Chuff Interval Scale Factor allows adjustment of chuff rate, CV 62 On/off control of verbal announcements.

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