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Exciting New Products

DCC is the fastest growing segment in Model Railroading in part due to the fact that DCC is continually fueled by the release of exciting new products from many manufacturers. DCC is a Model Railroader’s dream come true with multitude of reasonably priced products to choose from.

It just keeps on getting better and better!

Here are three new products now shipping that range in appeal from the beginner to the pro.

Everyman’s DCC, the PowerCab™ from NCE Corporation
The NCE PowerCab hallmark - “A Complete DCC Starter Set in the Palm of you Hand” - appropriately describes the features of this user friendly, high functioning starter set. Based on its price and performance the PowerCab will be a top contender for DCC entry level systems. Best price and performance ever offered in DCC. Many of the features of the NCE PowerPro but at an entry level price. Operate up to 6 trains plus an extra cab. Wireless and PC compatible. Includes 120/230V Universal Power Supply. List $179.95.

The Ultimate in DCC/DC Sound decoders, The Soundtraxx Tsunami
Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders are SoundTraxx’s new high-performance, onboard locomotive sound system. Tsunami integrates a full-featured sound system, four Hyperlight lighting effects, a motor controller and a DCC decoder into a single, integrated package and is compatible with the NMRA DCC standards. Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders can also be used on ‘Analog’ layouts and controlled with a conventional power pack.

At Tsunami’s core is a true 16-bit Digital Signal Processor capable of executing over 120 million instructions per second. With this new level of performance, SoundTraxx was able to give Tsunami 14 functions, over 22 individual sounds, and 4 special effects including the ability to alter the exhaust sound automatically in response to changes in the engine load. In addition, the use of high frequency PWM and load compensation make for exceptional motor control. List $99.95

Six Steam versions now shipping, Diesel TBA.
826101 The Light Steam, 826102 The Medium Steam, 826103 The Heavy Steam, 826104 The Denver & Rio Grande K-Class, 826116 The Denver & Rio Grande C-Class, 826120 The Light Logging

SoundFX from Digitrax
Digitrax’ new sound decoders add the next dimension to realistic operation. Easy-to-install, includes 28 mm plug-in speaker, rated at one Amp - for use in all scales. Available for steam, diesel or electric, downloadable sound, over 12 unique controllable sounds. Programmable on any DCC programming track - no special equipment needed.

SDH104K1 & FN04K1: Value Priced Combo Pack, List $79.98
This popular combo gives you everything you need for realistic operation, sound and lighting in your locomotives.

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