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Choosing A DCC Throttle

Each DCC system has unique throttles. Generally these throttles are available in two performance options:

1. A Master style throttle that will operate your trains as well as access additional system tasks like decoder programming and system setup,
2. An Engineer’s throttle that selects and operates your trains on DCC.

Selecting the throttle style that appeals to you is equally as important as choosing a DCC system. DCC throttles come in a variety of shapes and sizes with either push buttons, knobs or both.

Here are the major DCC throttles:

Digitrax UT4 and DT400
MSRP $79.99, $179.99

Lenz LH100 and LH90
MSRP $199.95, $99.95

MRC Prodigy Advance Throttle
MSRP $95.98

NCE Cab04 and ProCab
MSRP $89.95, $159.95

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