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AHD Welcomes The Lenz Agency Into the Fold!

Lenz GmbH of Germany, the company that invented DCC and in 1996 made the DCC Standard open source to benefit model railroading, has awarded AHD The Lenz Agency distribution rights for North America. We all appreciate what DCC has done for model railroaders. AHD was selected by Lenz in a competitive Proposal Process involving a number of North American competitors.

From 1996, when DCC was introduced to North America, to the present, the Lenz Agency was masterfully guided and developed by Debbie Ames who is now retiring. Debbie's efforts and the gratuitous donation of the DCC Standard by Bernd Lenz, the company's founder, president and the inventor of DCC must be viewed as the most important milestone in DCC.

Lenz has manufactured more DCC decoders than any other company and to date there have been significantly more than 2,000,000 sold worldwide.

Lenz also invented and introduced "Back Electric Motive Force" technology. BEMF significantly improves decoder low speed control and has now been cloned by all major decoder and sound decoder manufacturers.

Debbie Ames and Bernd LenzMore recently Lenz developed three new impressive DCC technologies:

  • USP - Uninterrupted Signal Processing
    Allows locomotive operations over non conductive track.
  • RailCom - Bi-Directional Communication
    Lets a decoder talk to the command station for position reporting, speed and direction.
  • Asymmetrical DCC
    Simple decoder assisted layout automation.

AHD is proud to be a part of such rich DCC heritage and intends to make every effort to continue the tradition of excellence in support, service and sale of the Lenz fostered by Debbie Ames since 1996. We wish Debbie a happy retirement!

Please click here to see the official Lenz press release.


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