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QSI Titan Large Scale G/O Sound & Power Decoders

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We wish to thank all of you who have expressed interest in the new Titan Large Scale series and we appreciate your patience. The Titan Large Scale series is replacing the former popular QSI Aristo and Magnum large scale DC/DCC sound decoders. Generally the Titans appear similar to their predecessors. The new powerful custom sound processor significantly enhances performance and features, including a stunning STEREO or MONO output and 64 independent sound channels for unrivaled realism and much more.

Before designing the large scale Titans, we listened to and documented what many of our users wanted. Thus we developed a very flexible high performance easy to install sound decoder format. As a result, the large scale Titans have virtually an unlimited number of PnP and universal configuration options to suit almost all DC/DCC large scale sound installations. The Titan’s state of the art technology is unequalled for model railroading DC/DCC sound and power control. QSI’s superior analog (DC) performance gives the DC user an option of operating advanced sound control without having to invest in more expensive technology. Furthermore, if he chooses to upgrade in the future then his Titans are all set for either wireless or track based command control.


The new Titans have significantly more popular features and performance than their predecessors and have more parts. Thus the production costs and MSRP have increased accordingly. See the table below. The price increases are very reasonable considering the performance benefits. Furthermore the new Titans cost less than competing products that scantily compare! You can see all the input/output options in the wiring diagram below:

Special Large Scale Features

  • Plug and Play Options: Aristo, Bachmann, USA Trains and Universal Generic options, the Magnums.
  • 3 12 Pin Screw Terminal Connectors for easy installation in addition to standard Aristo pins.
  • Exclusive Patented Stereo Output or Mono too. U.S. Reissue Patent Number RE38,660.
  • 4 Discrete Reed Switch Inputs
  • Smoke Fan Control, Programmable
  • Smoke Heater Control, Programmable
  • 8-12 Additional Lighting Outputs, 14 Total
  • Lenz Super Cap Option for Dirty Track
  • 5V and 18V Lighting Commons
  • System Reset by Jumper or Programming
  • Multiple Locomotive Configurations
  • Advanced Custom Sound Processor
  • Automatic Sound Features for DC/DCC
  • User Adjustable Pitch Shift, Locos with Same Sound Files will Sound Different.
  • 64 Total Sound Channels
  • Separation of Highs and Lows
  • Hi Def Sound Quality
  • Super Smooth 1 SMPH Low Speed
  • Prototypical Braking
  • 6 Amp and 10 Amp Motor Drives
  • Wireless Ready Connection for GWire and AirWire™ Throttles
  • QSI “QUARK”: Advance Analog Remote Control Technology for DC Ops
  • 2 Year Warranty

6 Titan Large Scale Options

Description/Use Item ID MSRP
Titan Aristo 6 Amp-12 Amp Peak (PnP for Most Aristo Locomotives)
This physically resembles the former QSI Aristo but has many more features:
QSI Titan Aristo-6 $209.95
Titan Aristo 10 Amp-20 Amp Peak
All of the above plus an additional 4 Amps.
QSI Titan Aristo-10 $229.95
Titan Bachmann 6-12 Amp Peak (PnP for Bachmann Locomotives with G Aristo Style Socket)
This physically resembles the above QSI Aristo but is specifically set up for Bachmann socket configurations.
QSI Titan Bachmann-6 $229.95
Titan USA Trains 10-20 Amp Peak (PnP for Most of the Popular USA Locomotives)
This also uses the Titan Aristo 10 Amp unit above and special adaptors, sold separately (see here), for the various USA options to create a true PnP USA decoder.
QSI Titan USA-10 $229.95
Titan Magnum 6-12 Amp Peak (Generic Large Scale G/O with 24 Screw Terminals)
This physically resembles the Titan Aristo above but the Aristo style pins are omitted and the universal screw terminals utilized
QSI Titan Magnum-6 $209.95
Titan Magnum 10-20 Amp Peak (Generic Large Scale G/O with 24 Screw Terminals)
All the above plus an additional 6 Amps
QSITitan Magnum-10  

Sound File Numbers The QSI Titan Series….

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

Due to Titan’s gigantic memory of 64 Mb - 8x more than the competition - there are volumes of sound files stored that you can use to customize each loco ... if you wish. For example, let’s say you have the small steam decoder which comes ready to run as the small steam sound with numerous small steam whistle, chuff bell and other options; but you changed your mind and you actually want a large steam decoder. With the Titans you are good to go, and here is why:

In the vast Quantum Titan series sound set ID’s memory, selectable by CV, there are hundreds of other sound options stored to change your decoder to a medium or heavy steam decoder. And that’s not all ... you can also insert custom sound files or cut and paste many other available options using the Quantum Programmer to make any Titan any other prototypical configurations. No other sound decoder can match this performance.

Sound File # XXXX-XXX
Prototype Locomotive Type Sound #
Alco Master File 1101 200
Baldwin File 1101 300
EMD Master File 1101 400
FM Master File 1101 500
GE Master File 1101 600
GE U 50 1101 650
Winton 1101 680
Doodle Bug 1101 699
Non US Diesel 1101 700
RDC 1121 720
Electric 2101 730
Gas Turbine 5101 760
Small Steam 3101 801
Medium Steam 3101 802
Large Steam 3101 803
Articulated 4101 900
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