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NCE Corp Starter Sets

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DCC Twin
An ideal starter set for any train set. Two throttles to operate 2 trains at once. Includes power supply. Expansion port to add extra walk around throttles. Grows with your layout. The UK version includes UK power cord.

A complete DCC system in the palm of your hand. All the features of Power Pro but at an entry level price. Operate up to 6 trains plus extra cabs, wireless compatible, includes power supply.
Promo Sheet in PDF (74 kB)
PowerCab Review by Don Fiehmann in PDF (281 kB)

Power Pro
With Pro Cab & full "Master Series" function; 50 cab ops 6 loco recall, all cabs, full macros, adv microprocessor.

Power Pro-10
Same as PH Pro with 10 A booster.

Power Pro-R
Same as Power Pro with full wireless capability.

Power Pro 10-R
Same as Power Pro-10 with full wireless capability.


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