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"GWire"™ ProCab

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The "GWire"™ ProCab is similar to the AirWire™ wireless cab introduced by CVP Products several years ago. The "GWire"™ ProCab broadcasts wireless DCC signals to a DCC decoder inside the loco. The loco can either use a Battery Pack or standard DC track power.

Production units will be available soon.

List price $229.95

More info:

  • This is the next generation wireless G Scale throttle loaded with many more features at a comparable cost compared to the current AirWire™ products!
  • Most User Friendly Format Available!
  • Runs 4 locomotives or consists at one time independently by using the 4 slot recall feature!
  • Operates 29 function controls!
  • Operates stationary decoders without any special accessories!
  • Instant Push Button Control of Locomotive Momentum!
  • Large 32 Character Easy to Read LCD Display gives you Address, Speed Direction, Active Functions and More!
  • Discreet Push Button Control of all the Popular Locomotive Sound and Control Functions!
  • Thumb Wheel or Push Button Control of Locomotive Speed and Direction!
  • Rugged Quality Ergonomic Design!
  • Compatible with all QSI, Quantum, DC/DCC Sound Power Decoders and all Air-Wire™ Receivers/Decoders!
  • Operates also as a DCC ProCab for all NCE DCC Systems.


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